10 Reasons People Lose Weight When They Go Gluten Free

Gluten Free Weight LossAs more and more people you know go gluten free, you have probably heard plenty of discussions about one of many people’s favourite benefits of the gluten free diet: weight loss. Yes, along with increased energy and better health, a nice side effect many people experience is to lose weight on a gluten free diet. Why does cutting out gluten so often lead to slimmer figures?

Read on to find out how to lose weight on a gluten free diet.

1.    You Become a Label Reader.

When you have an ingredient you have to watch out for, you become an avid label reader. As you begin to habitually read labels not only will you be able to spot gluten, you’ll also be able to spot other ingredients, like added sugars, that aren’t so good for you or your waistline.

2.    You Can Reduce Your Carbohydrate Load.

Gluten containing products are often one of our biggest sources of the simple carbs that contribute to rising numbers on the scale. Switch to complex carbs in naturally gluten free, high fiber foods like sweet potatoes and you’ll begin to see a difference.

3.    You Can Cut Down the Artificial Ingredients You’re Eating.

Foods like packaged bread and cereals are not only full of gluten, but also artificial preservatives and sweeteners. Such ingredients trick our bodies into thinking we are still hungry even when we aren’t and thus overeating.  Be sure to switch from gluten foods to real food alternatives instead of the packaged gluten free imitators out there to fully avoid these additives.

4.    You Eat More Produce.

Replacing pastas and bread with fresh fruits and vegetables is an antioxidant and flavor packed way to cut calories. The water and fiber content for fresh produce will keep you feeling full longer and put you well on your way to gluten free weight loss.

5.    You Minimalize the Mindless Eating.

If you don’t have boxes of cookies and crackers (remember not to replace them with gluten free imitations!) laying around your house to mindlessly snack on, the pounds will melt away.

6.    Built-In Self-Control Out and About.

For many of us parties, get-togethers, and work breakrooms are easy places to overdo it. Going gluten free means using a high level of discretion at such events, and when you stop to be discreet about your choices you are more likely to make smarter and healthier choices.

7.    You Gain Increased Energy Levels.

The work your body has to do process gluten and to fight off the toll it takes on your body can quickly deplete you of energy levels. As your energy levels return with your gluten free diet, you’ll have more energy to get out and get in better shape!

8.    Your Inflammation Levels Are Decreased.

Many gluten containing foods can cause blood sugar spikes and crashes similar to that of a candy bar! These spikes and crashes creates internal inflammation. In addition to being a drag on your energy levels, internal inflammation can also lead to weight gain.

9.    You Eat at Home More Often.

Going gluten free will not prevent you from leaving the house again, but going gluten free does mean it is often easier to whip up a healthy meal at home than to pull through that trusty drive through. Cutting out so many fast food trips alone is a great way to lose extra weight.

10.    You Shake Up Your Routine.

Making such a dramatic dietary change is a great way to shake free of some poor dietary choices you may have been making. Use going gluten free as an opportunity to cut down on processed foods, excess sugar, and other bad habits you may have formed. Use the gluten free lifestyle to usher in other healthy choices to multiply the benefits of your new diet!