50 Naturally Gluten Free Foods You Can Freely Eat

What can I eat on a gluten-free diet?You may be thinking to yourself, “What can I eat on a gluten free diet?” You probably thought that you weren’t eating much gluten before making the diet change, but now, you are left wondering what you can actually eat that is completely free of gluten. Fortunately, you have plenty of options! This lengthy list thoroughly details naturally gluten free foods by category.

Naturall Gluten Free Foods:


1. Apples

They are seriously one of the easiest healthy snacks. Top them with a nut butter of your choice, eat them with dark chocolate, or just eat them plain.

2. Oranges

Not only are they delicious, but don’t forget that oranges are extremely high in vitamin C, too.

3. Berries

Blueberries, black berries, strawberries, and raspberries are all extremely high in antioxidants which can reduce inflammation and make you look younger.

4. Bananas

Bananas are so filling and simple. If you want, you can make your very own gluten and grain free pancakes with just an egg and a banana!

5. Grapes

Freeze grapes, then indulge later for a healthy treat.

6. Watermelon

What else is more refreshing on a hot summer day?

7. Peaches

You can grill these and top them with a healthy sugar free ice cream for a lighter dessert.

8. Pears

Pears are so yummy, and so festive for the holidays.

9. Avocado

Though it is widely considered a vegetable, avocado is actually a fruit. Mash up some avocado and make a delicious, healthy serving of guacamole.

10. Pineapple

Pineapple is excellent in fruit salads.


1. Chicken

This classic meat is well-loved in nearly every culture. When high-quality and free range, chicken is an extremely healthy meat.

2. Beef

Grass-fed beef is full of the essential minerals and fats that your body needs.

3. Pork

Bacon, sausage, and pulled pork are all popular types of meat.

4. Salmon

Wild-caught salmon is incredibly high in Omega-3s, but beware of farm-raised salmon.

5. Buffalo

Wild buffalo is a very healthy meat that makes some delicious burgers.

6. Turkey

Wild, lean turkeys are the way to go. Enjoy turkey burgers, turkey sandwiches, and holiday turkey.

7. Shrimp

Shrimp can make a yummy appetizer and is very high in protein.

8. Duck

Who says gluten free foods automatically exclude gourmet foods? Duck is the epitome of gourmet main courses.

9. Goose

Mainly served at holiday meals, goose is another specialty gourmet meat.

10. Bison

Somewhat similar to buffalo, bison burgers are also very tasty.


1. Kale

Did you know that you could make kale chips out of this simple vegetable?

2. Carrots

Carrots are an easy snack, and they are fantastic when dipped in hummus.

3. Spinach

If you don’t like cooked spinach, try adding raw spinach to your salads and smoothies.

4. Celery

Great for kids and adults alike, celery is excellent when dipped in peanut butter.

5. Lettuce

Instead of using bread, why not make lettuce wraps as an alternative?

6. Cauliflower

Did you know that you could make low-carb cauliflower mashed potatoes and bread sticks? They are totally gluten and grain free, too!

7. Mushrooms

Add mushrooms as a part of a vegetable medley for a chewy, unique taste.

8. Zucchini

Instead of french fries, try zucchini fries instead.

9. Acorn Squash

Make soup or better yet, fill the squash with onions, apples and cheese for an easy, grain free dinner.

10. Red pepper

Fill peppers with meat, cheese, and spices, and you have stuffed peppers.


1. Black beans

This Mexican favorite is so good when added to Southwest inspired salads and dips.

2. Pinto beans

Nothing says home cooked meal like a fresh pot of these babies.

3. Red beans

If you have these on hand, you can make an awesome chili for dinner.

4. Lentils

Very nutritious, lentils can be eaten by themselves or added to soups and salads.

5. Black-eyed peas

Don’t forget about this New Years favorite!

6. Chickpeas

These beans are the essential ingredients for a yummy hummus.

7. Navy beans

Serve them with chicken and greens for a healthy, hearty meal.

8. Kidney beans

Widely known for their similarity to the human kidney, kidney beans are high in fiber.

9. Split peas

Serve up a comforting bowl of split pea soup on a cold, dreary day.

10. Green beans

Make them plain, add bacon, or create a tasteful green bean salad.


1. Chia

Add this super food to your salads, smoothies, teas, and even your water.

2. Flax

Add flax seeds or flax seed oil to your salads for a very nutritious meal.

3. Quinoa

Mistakenly thought of as a grain, quinoa is actually a seed, and a very healthy one at that.

4. Hemp

A safe version of cannibas, hemp is a great source of essential fatty acids.

5. Sunflower

Sunflower seeds make for great salad toppings, or an easy snack on-the-go.

6. Sesame

Add a few sesame seeds to your Asian salad to make it tasteful.

7. Pumpkin

Festive for fall, eat them plain, roast them, or add them to your salads.

8. Cumin

Not only is it a delicious Mexican spice, cumin is also a seed.

9. Papaya

Who knew that papaya seeds were edible, and that they could even cure parasites in the body?

10. Poppy

Top your salads with poppy seeds for a unique, flavorful touch.

Hopefully this list gives you an idea of what you can eat on a gluten free diet.