Hi! Thanks for visiting Actually Gluten Free

Maybe you are here because you are a strict devotee of a gluten free diet, maybe you’re here because you are curious about the gluten free diet, or maybe you fall somewhere in between.

Wherever you are on your journey, take heart, I have probably been there at one time or another! I have gone from being oblivious about gluten free diets, to sceptical, to intrigued, and finally to wholeheartedly passionate about the powers of cutting gluten out of your diet for good.

A little background…

I have always considered myself a healthy eater. I’ve had a strong interest in health and nutrition since I was a teenager, even taking nutrition courses in college. What I used to consider “healthy” though, focused largely on calorie counts and had very little to do with actual nutrition or real foods.

Purely from the perspective of ‘numbers on the scale’ this approach worked for the most part. What I did not realize until later though was the toll this calorie counting, processed food filled approach was making elsewhere. My energy levels were virtually non-existent. I could barely drag myself out of the bed for work. Stopping to run errands on the way home from work seemed like a monumental task. My pores were constantly clogged, I tended to snap when I could have had patience, and my stomach could be counted on make strange rumbles in a quiet room.

The Change…

I started to read the occasional article about going gluten free and hearing different friends talk about the change it had made for them. At this point I had no idea why I (or anyone else without celiac disease) would want to cut it out. I met the idea with a dose of skepticisism.  My curiosity and interest in the world of nutrition and dietetics led me want to learn about a gluten free diet to the point that I eventually decided there might be something to it. I decided to give a try.


Fast forward from that curious girl wondering about this whole gluten free craze to a busy wife and mom of three who hasn’t touched gluten in five years. Today I have more energy with three little ones than I did when it was just me! I no longer need prescription medicine to have clear skin, and I (usually!) have more patience and grace dealing with others. And those tummy grumbles? It turns out they were the sounds my stomach was making when it was working so hard to digest gluten.

Join Me…

I started this blog as my passion for the gluten free lifestyle grew and grew. I’ve learned that gluten is one of the hardest foods for pretty much everyone to digest and the impact of this can have dramatically negative impacts on our health. But changing to gluten free is more than just switching to gluten free imitations of gluten foods, it is a mind-set switch to healthy, real foods. It CAN be done and it IS worth it.

Join me on this journey and let’s support one another!


Rachel Macy