Paleo vs Gluten Free: Should You Make the Leap to a Paleo Diet?

Paleo vs Gluten-Free

The terms ‘gluten free’ and ‘paleo’ are often used in conjunction these days, sometimes interchangeably, but though two diets share commonalities, they are ultimately two different ways of eating. A gluten free diet refers only to eliminating to the grains that contain the specific gluten protein. This means avoiding all foods and drinks which contain … Read more

Ban Gluten Free Foods: Never Eat Gluten Free Foods Again

Ban Gluten Free Foods: Never Eat Gluten Free Foods Again

As the harmful effects gluten can have on almost everyone else are revealed, people are clamoring for gluten free food options. Books like William H. Davis’s Wheat Belly and David Perlmutter’s Grain Brain along with the testimony and research of countless other health and nutrition experts is helping people to understand how difficult it is … Read more

Easy Tips for Avoiding Gluten Without Even Realising It

Easy Tips for Avoiding Gluten

Without question, truly following a gluten free diet takes conscious effort and full determination. While the effort is well worth the rewards of feeling better, reducing internal inflammation, improving energy and mood, or treating medical conditions such as coeliac disease, there is no question that actually being gluten free takes a little bit of work. … Read more