Top Gluten Free Foods to Eat that Don’t Cost the Earth

Gluten Free Living on a BudgetWithout question, the gluten free lifestyle has taken the nutritional world by storm. What was once a diet only followed by those with medical necessities has now become a mainstream staple for millions of people. While a gluten free diet can be a very healthy way of eating, unfortunately, some companies are attempting to capitalise on the gluten free craze by marketing expensive gluten free products that aren’t even good for you! If you want to go actually gluten free on a budget this guide to the top gluten free foods that don’t cost the earth is here to save you.

1.    Actually Gluten Free – Fresh Produce

Any healthy diet, gluten free or otherwise, should feature plenty of fruits and vegetables. For those avoiding gluten, fresh produce takes the guesswork out of your diet because fruits and vegetables are naturally gluten free. Fresh, unprocessed options don’t carry the risk of gluten containing additives. By shopping weekly sales and focusing on what’s in season, you’ll be able to go gluten free on a shoestring with no trouble. Top Hints: Use spaghetti squash instead of gluten free pasta imitations. Put nut butter between of apple slices of a sandwich for a new and improved peanut butter sandwich. Turn cauliflower into a veggie packed pizza crust. Not only are these foods less expensive than gluten free imitations of conventional foods, they are more flavorful and better for you as well!

2.    Actually Gluten Free – Protein

Though gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley, your gluten free diet won’t be lacking for protein because many high quality proteins are all gluten free. Lean meat, fish, eggs, nuts, and tempeh are all top picks. To stay gluten free on a budget with protein pics, buy these foods in bulk and freeze extra for later.

Top Hints: Avoid processed meats to make sure you aren’t accidently getting gluten through additives.

3.    Actually Gluten Free – Grains

That’s right; you can still include grains on your gluten free diet. Whole grains like buckwheat, amaranth, rice, quinoa, and sorghum are terrific choices to include and can be gluten free cheap foods, especially when compared to pricey pre-mixed gluten free flour blends and baking kits. Top Hints: Don’t be afraid to experiment with these grains if they are new to you. Their properties are different than the refined white flours you may be used to, but you’ll soon appreciate their richer flavor and superior nutrition!

The Bottom Line: An affordable, healthy gluten free lifestyle is easily within your reach. Say no to overpriced, over-processed gluten free imitation products and yes to whole, clean gluten free food choices on a budget and you are sure to have success!