Why a Gluten Free Diet Will Make You Feel Healthy and Energetic

Benefits of a gluten free dietIn today’s hustle bustle world, who among us could not use more energy? Yet, no matter how much coffee we guzzle, we still are left feeling lethargic. It turns out that the answer to solving energy deficits has less to do with consuming lots of caffeine and more to do with eliminating gluten. That’s right, one of the greatest health benefits of a gluten free diet is the improved energy we all want and need!

Here’s why a gluten free diet will make you feel healthy and energetic;

Reduces Inflammation

One of the most detrimental effects eating gluten is the role it plays in promoting internal inflammation. This internal inflammation puts you at greater risk for infection, disease, and leaves you feeling exhausted and sick. One of the top benefits of a gluten free diet lies in reducing this inflammation. In the short term you’ll enjoy big energy gains and in the long term you may just help yourself avoid serious disease.

Helps Keep Your Blood Sugar Levels More Stable

Did you know that foods with gluten in them have a similar (or sometimes worse) effect on your blood sugar levels as foods like candy bars and sodas do? It’s true—that piece of toast can make your blood sugar levels surge just like sugary foods do. The problem is that quickly after that spike comes a blood sugar crash, leaving you feeling lethargic and worse than you did before.  What is even worse is that many of us are experiencing such blood sugar highs and lows multiple times throughout the day as we eat gluten-containing foods, compounding the sluggish feelings.

By cutting gluten out of your diet and replacing them with fresh, whole foods you can keep your blood sugar in a more stable state, leaving you feeling better with more energy. Remember to opt for produce, healthy fats, and lean proteins to reap the energy gains brought by cutting out gluten fully.

Gives Your Body a Break

Even for those without celiac disease or a wheat allergy, gluten can take quite the toll on your body. Gluten is one of the hardest foods for people to digest. All the work that your body has to do to fight to digest gluten can take its toll on your energy levels. Your energy levels will rebound when your body isn’t having to work so hard do digest gluten.

Lifts Your Mood

Some of the health benefits of wheat free eating extend beyond simply physical benefits to mental and emotional benefits. Several studies, as well as anecdotal tales, report that following a gluten free diet can result in improved moods and lessened depression. Because our mental outlook has such a direct and dramatic impact on our energy levels.